About Us

Our mission is to work together with other highly respected organizations and leading edge human resource professionals to pro-actively exchange data on voluntary attrition and to share best practices and ideas for retention and engagement within our respective companies.


The Attrition & Retention Consortium (ARC) is a select group of Human Resource Professionals from 20+ highly-respected companies focused on attrition and retention measurement, benchmarking and best practice sharing. ARC was founded in 2000 with a purpose of developing a confidential benchmark of high quality voluntary quit rates with corresponding demographic data.

Today, ARC is a vibrant network with members from premier companies representing a wide variety of industries. Members benchmark annual attrition data and share best practices related to a variety of retention practices and other areas of workforce analytics and workforce planning. Attrition data is submitted annually by each member company to a third party. Benchmark data is generated and distributed to participants.


Benefits of Membership

  • Exclusive access to annual ARC benchmark data. Detailed benchmark data is available with a variety of demographic looks including gender, race, years of service, geographic region, job type, etc.
  • Networking and knowledge sharing with others with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of workforce analytics, workforce planning, and other human resources areas.
  • Opportunity to learn from other member organizations and HR experts by participating in annual ARC conference and quarterly webinars.
  • Ability to obtain instant access to information from all members by sending out a quick benchmark survey on a wide variety of workforce topics.
  • Very cost effective (currently $1,500 annual dues) with minimal effort to submit data.